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Check out my listings and come see me at in-person events or sign up for my online workshops!  I would love to meet you!  

Nothing is better than getting out to meet new people, and tell them visual stories with your art!  I love the moment when a painting has struck a chord with the person viewing the artwork!  


You can see the emotion fill his or her eyes, and migrate across the face.  I love how my perspective paintings pull a viewer into it! Sometimes there is a wistful look. Sometimes a smile. Sometimes a tear.

Yep...that is emotion!  If I can induce that type of reaction then I have acheived my goal!  

An art piece should resonate with the viewer's core.  That is what makes the art special, lasting, meaningful, and each piece touches each viewer in a different way.


  • Check here for events and join me for an online workshop or a showing of my art!

  • Let me stir up some emotion in YOU!



(Every Thursday unless otherwise noted)

•  No art experience is needed…just a willingness to be open to seeing and doing things in a different way! If you want things to change, you change what you are doing! This is NOT your typical paint workshop!


What will you learn? 

• How to use creativity to find blocks, how to release them and define the life you want to manifest.  

• How to outline the intentions you want to manifest in your life.

• How to use the canvas as a place of free, non-judgmental expression, where there are no mistakes, only a sacred space of continuous evolution which invokes and hones the leadership qualities in oneself, and allowing you to become a ripple effect for others…. especially the little ones of the world. 

• An appreciation for art to be a mediation practice, and a knowing that we all have creativity within us.

• Basic steps to morph your intentions into a physical painting of a lion to be used as a reminder to follow your courageous heart!  You will love it!

Sign up and pay for the ONLINE workshop here!

*NOTE: Materials to be supplied by customer, and are at the customer's cost.

Sign up and pay for the IN PERSON workshop here!

*NOTE: Supplies included in fee.

One on One Energy Art Session:

(Click link below for available dates/times)

What is an Energy Art Session, you ask?  

Well, you will have a 45 minute session via Zoom with yours truly where I take you through a short, guided visualization   Afterwards, we will review your thoughts through series of questions and from that I will create an inspirational piece of mixed media art on a 9"x12" watercolor paper that is all about YOU for YOU!  Use it as a motivator, a meditation prompt or just a beautiful reminder of YOU!

*NOTE: Shipping original art to U.S. Customers only at this time.  Shipping is included in price.

**NOTE:  International customers can receive a PDF version of artwork.  Please contact me at for details.

Interested in having a beautiful session and an amazing piece of art just for you?  

Sign up and pay for session here!


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