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Art Events

Check out my listings and come see me at in-person events or sign up for my online workshops!  I would love to meet you!  

Check here for events and join me for an online workshop or a showing of my art!

Nothing is better than getting out to meet new people, and tell them visual stories with your art!  I love the moment when a painting has struck a chord with the person viewing the artwork!  
You can see the emotion fill his or her eyes, and migrate across the face.  I love how my perspective paintings pull a viewer into it! Sometimes there is a wistful look. Sometimes a smile.
Yep...that is emotion!  If I can generate that type of reaction then I have achieved my goal!  
An art piece should resonate with the viewer's core.  That is what makes the art special, lasting, meaningful, and each piece touches each viewer in a different way.
  • Check here for events and join me for an online workshop or a showing of my art!
  • Let me stir up some emotion in YOU!
Upcoming & Ongoing Events:
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(See Calendar for next event!)

•  No art experience is needed…just a willingness to be open to seeing and doing things in a different way! If you want things to change, you change what you are doing! This is NOT your typical paint workshop!

What will you learn? 

• How to use creativity to find blocks, how to release them and define the life you want to manifest.  

• How to outline the intentions you want to manifest in your life.

• How to use the canvas as a place of free, non-judgmental expression, where there are no mistakes, only a sacred space of continuous evolution which invokes and hones the leadership qualities in oneself, and allowing you to become a ripple effect for others…. especially the little ones of the world. 

• An appreciation for art to be a mediation practice, and a knowing that we all have creativity within us.

• Basic steps to morph your intentions into a physical painting of a lion to be used as a reminder to follow your courageous heart!  You will love it!

Get the Deets! Click the lion image!



(See Calendar for next event!)

•  No art experience is needed! You will be surprised what you can create when you are in the right workshop!  

What will you learn? 

  • How to open your mind and let go of any previous beliefs that you are not creative.

  • How to break up an image into shapes which are the building blocks to a painting.

  • How to use color, tone, hue. Learn about light sources and shading.

  • How to work quickly and to enjoy the process.

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One on One Energy Art Session:

(Click link below for available dates/times)

What is an Energy Art Session, you ask?  

You will have a 45 minute session via Zoom with yours truly where I take you through a short, guided visualization of discovery!   

Afterwards, we will review your thoughts through series of questions, and from that I will create an inspirational piece of mixed media art on a 9"x12" watercolor paper that is all about YOU for YOU!  

Use it as a motivator, a meditation prompt or just a beautiful reminder of YOU!

*NOTE: Shipping original art to U.S. Customers only at this time.  Shipping is included in price.

**NOTE:  International customers can receive a PDF version of artwork.  Please contact me at for details.

Interested in having a beautiful session and an amazing piece of art just for you?  

Sign up and pay for session here!

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  • Love love love Camille and her art. There’s an uplifting energy to everything she does! Avital
    Avital a month ago  Reply      0

  • Camille is wonderful!! You must join a class and experience her first hand!

    Sue a month ago  Reply      0

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  • Can’t wait to see it in person
    Nancy Nixon 3 months ago  Reply      0

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  • I had no idea that magic was going to happen when I worked with Camille. I experienced an Energy Art session with her. It was powerful. The session uncovered my top three blocks and suggestions on releasing those blocks. That in itself was powerful but I was blown away when I received my custom image from my session. It is hard to describe but my best attempt is I received a work of art created exclusively for me that detailed everything in our session as if it had already been cleared. It is the most thoughtful, detailed. powerful piece of magical art. I printed my image and it is the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night. This session with Camille was life changing for me. Thank you Camille for capturing in art what I could not verbalize or visualize on my own.
    Nancy 8 months ago  Reply      0

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  • I am so thankful for my session with Camille. You have a way of making people feel comfortable and at ease. Thank you for my beautiful art work. It gives me energy and strength. Yes, my strength comes from with in.

I am love.
I am Joy.
I am peace.
I am worthy.
Thank you so much.

Willie Mae Walker 10 months ago  Reply      1 likes currently


  • I received my original artwork from Camille today and it was beautiful and amazing!! It fit me and what I am aspiring for so well, I will be hanging it up to remind myself every day. There is positive energy in every brush stroke. The session was relaxing, comfortable, informative and such a pleasant experience. I would recommend this for anyone, just be open and honest and she will guide you! You won’t be disappointed! Thank you Camille
    Miranda B a year ago  Reply      1

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  • I just received my original artwork from Camille, and I am blown away! Camille’s process is beautiful, and she was able to spend time with me and capture exactly what I needed. It was an amazing experience, and I highly recommend it! I feel so very blessed and grateful. Thank you for sharing your magical gifts! Jean B
    Jean a year ago  Reply      1

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  • 6/5/17: Betsy M.: YOM Gratitude for Self-LoveCamille - I was able to buy your heart art titled Self-Love. It is for my daughter-in-law, Camille, who is taking first steps out into the world with her gifts. I look forward to sharing your gifts to support hers. Love and continued miracles, YOM Sister Betsy
    Betsy Maxwell a year ago  Reply      1

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  • 3/15/19: Pam H.: Create a JournalCamille I received a beautiful journal from my Friend Darcee Weber and you were the artist who captured who I am through your painting. I was honored and blessed and awed! Thank you (and of course thanks to Darcee)

Pam Hull a year ago  Reply      1

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  • 5/11/19: Bobbie Reihe I got my mom a session for her birthday, and she loved it!!!!
    Bobbie Reihe 



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*NOTE: All rights reserved. All artwork is copyrighted by Camille Roman of Camille Fine Art. You may not download, copy or use any of the images on this website without express permission from Camille Roman.
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