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A native Chicagoan, Camille grew up being shaped by surroundings of multi-cultural neighborhood, beautiful architecture and a gorgeous skyline. She grew up in a tight knit community where everyone knew everyone, bungalow homes where mom or grandma hung clothes outside, kids playing at the local playground until the street lights came on. So many great memories inspire her work and become incorporated on canvas.


Camille is primarily an Acrylic artist, but her style has evolved to a more 3D experience for her audience by adding mixed media and frescos to her repertoire. She creates art the viewer cannot help, but want to reach out and touch!   She is known for her cityscapes, landscapes, as well as, her romantic, figurative and mindfulness paintings. Color and texture are the driving factors she uses in creating an image that will capture & draw the viewer into the story being presented. Her goal is to generate emotion in the heart of her audience. To show the sun that is above us and gives us life, and the sun within us that radiates love and joy.  She encourages that by using color to capture the eye, texture to enhance the visual image and tug the heart strings of the person joining the story.

Her paintings can be found internationally in private collections throughout the U.S., England, Australia and Germany, and she has exhibited in the Merging of the Arts Gallery in Franklin, TN, O Gallery at Marathon & O Gallery in the Arcade, Nashville  TN, as well as, local exhibitions throughout the Chicago area.

Adding to her skill set, Camille became an international best selling Amazon co-author in 2017 with the book, Your Shift Matters-Breakdown to Breakthrough.  She continued to expand her artistic versatility and pursuing her soul's calling by becoming a Creativity Coach where she teaches leadership skills and life balance through the practice of creativity at the canvas.  Her art is impacting the world like ripples on the water!

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