Joy Boxes

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  • These lovely trinket size boxes are created only 2 times per year, in April in preparation for Mother's Day and in November for the holiday season.  *Boxes can be commissioned at any time. Please contact me at with your request.
  • The boxes are hand-painted and based on a meditation theme.  Themes like Self-Love, Abundance, Perfect Health, Prosperity, etc.
  • Each color and design element incorporated is specifically selected to support the theme of the box.
  • Inside each box are a series of word prompts that are either painted right on the inside of the box or on separate tags, and are meant to help you focus on your intentions.
  • Select styles have quotes on the back of the tags to support each prompt.
  • Each box has a bag of either glass or natural stones.  The idea is to meditate on the word written on the stone, and drop it into water to create ripples that will carry your intention out and into the world.
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