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Desktop Sun Pops - Series 1

Sun gazers everywhere will be awed by these original mini artworks

that pack a powerful POP of inspiration whenever you need it!

Sparked by the beautiful sunrises in Jupiter, Florida, these little Sun Pops were created with deep intention to provide the highest vibration to all who behold them!

Each piece was...​

  • Created on natural wood block to bring in nature's energy

  • Covered in hand-stretched, pink canvas to promote the frequency of love

  • Filled with hand-written power affirmations in the under painting of the image

  • Bathed in the sound of 108 Om Chants to raise the vibration of the image and of those who view the image

  • Meticulously filled with brushstrokes of intention to create joy, peace, harmony and more.  For the highest good of all!

Click the videos below for the How and the Why I created these little sun gems!

Vibrant Sky - 8.5"Wx2.5"H Acrylic on Wood Canvas
Vibrant Sky_3D.jpg


The Promise of Greatness

The Promise of Greatness 8.5"Wx2.5"W Acrylic on Wood Canvas
The Promise of Greatness_3D.jpg

Ray of Light


Ray of Light_3D.jpg


Rise to Love

Rising to Love_3D.jpg

Master of My Destiny

Master of My Destiny_front.jpg
Master of My Destiny_3D.jpg


Peace and Calm

Peace and Calm_front.jpg
Peace and Calm, 3D.jpg


Healing Skies

Healing Ocean

Healing Skies_3D.jpg



Healing Ocean_front.jpg
Healing Ocean_3D.jpg

Starburst Sunrise

Starburst Sunrise_front.jpg
Starburst Sunrise_3D.jpg


Camille Roman.png
*NOTE: All rights reserved. All artwork is copyrighted by Camille Roman of Camille Fine Art. You may not download, copy or use any of the images on this website without express permission from Camille Roman.
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