Camille Roman is an international artist who is devoted to creating art that inspires and heals, by creating mixed media and fresco pieces inspired by the sun above us and the sun that shines from within us. She is a change maker who is changing the world with each colorful artwork she produces.


Passionate about art her whole life; she maintains that love and creativity have been the core of every step on her journey, including beating a life threatening illness. That time period was the catalyst to a series of new adventures in learning how to self heal and freely express herself through her art. She absorbed and practiced teachings in Intuitive Art, Pranic Healing, essential oils, gardening and book writing. She joined mentorship programs, began speaking in public, became a published author and mentor, has been interviewed on podcasts, showed her art in galleries in Nashville and Franklin, TN, and is spreading her art throughout the world! She has many paintings in private collections across the United States, England and Germany and displays her art in local Chicagoland art venues. She partners with Chance for Change Institute as a creativity coach who supports self-transformation courses through the lens of creativity.


Through her group painting workshops and one on one personalized art sessions, she creates an environment to spark creativity and appreciate the value of art as an integral tool in creating the masterpiece that is one’s life!

“She was like the sun, 
She knew her place in the world - 
She would shine again regardless of all the storms and changeable weather 
She wouldn't adjust her purpose 
for things that pass.” 
― Nikki Rowe

Camille's artwork...


A native Chicagoan, Camille is a mixed media and fresco artist, who paints cityscapes, landscapes, figurative paintings and mindfulness paintings. 


Color and texture are the driving factors in creating an image that will capture & draw the viewer into the story being presented.  

  • Her goal is to generate emotion in the heart of her audience and inspire action. She encourages that by using color to capture the eye, and texture to enhance the visual image.

  • Her work will reach out and grab the viewer's attention and create a portal to take the viewer's mind wherever they want to go!

  • She has developed an alternative "fresco" material that is lighter, but still gives the impression of a fresco, giving her the ability to create paintings that can be hung on the walls without heavy duty hardware.


Camille is a believer that art is therapy for the mind, body and soul. She strives to create works that will uplift and inspire the viewer, and now shares her knowledge with others by conducting intuitive art workshops.  She teaches others to utilize creativity as a practice to de-stress and motivate manifestation of what is truly wanted in life.


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*NOTE: All rights reserved. All artwork is copyrighted by Camille Roman of Camille Fine Art. You may not download, copy or use any of the images on this website without express permission from Camille Roman.