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There once was an artist who...

Like many artists in their early beginnings, Camille painted because she had a passion for art all of her life, but she lacked the confidence in her work and knowledge of the "business" of art.  So, her art sat in the background, sustaining her creativivty until.....


BAM! Life Changers!

Life has a way of sparking some action from a person by throwing little things in one's path that force that person to make a decision! For Camille, the first instance was the passing of her father, who was an inventor by nature.  He had all these little gadgets that never were able to get off the ground before he passed, and she thought to herself....time to quit sitting in the background!  So she worked and worked on her craft, and was persistent on getting her artwork out there and finding a gallery for it, and SHE DID!  Two of her works were published in the Richeson 75: International Landscape, Seascape and Architectural Art Competition 2009, and she was accepted to an art gallery in Franklin, TN.  She sold some pieces, and was very happy!  The gallery ended up closing a year later, and Camille returned to creating art in the background, and went back to her corporate job.


She knew that wasn't good enough though because she was going against her nature, and was working long hours at a job that was making her crazy.  


Life changer number 2! 

Her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Camille is very close with her mom, and this news sent her reeling. Her mother was always a very hardworking, good natured person who loved her girls and always did everything she could for them.  This situation was no different.  Her mom took the bull by the horns and kicked some ass!  This spurred Camille on even more so to keep working at her art!


Life changer number 3! 

Well, talk about a game changer!  Three years after her mom, Camille was diagnosed with breast cancer. Life was saying, "Quit being in the background!  Now you need to work a little harder, and USE those talents NOW!!!".  Clarity hit her like a ton of bricks!  She was determined to show the world this situation was a temporary blip on her radar, and she was going to help others in the process, AND SHE DID!


That event brought many opportunities to help others, and in doing so it has helped her personal growth.  She now educates others on ways to live healthier lives, and the importance of art to help lift one"s spirit. She is defined by her love of art, her family and the importance of loving and helping others.



Camille's artwork...

A native Chicagoan, Camille is a mixed media and fresco artist, who paints cityscapes, landscapes, figurative paintings and mindfulness paintings. 


Color and texture are the driving factors in creating an image that will capture & draw the viewer into the story being presented.  

  • Her goal is to generate emotion in the heart of her audience and inspire action. She encourages that by using color to capture the eye, and texture to enhance the visual image.

  • Her work will reach out and grab the viewer's attention and create a portal to take the viewer's mind wherever they want to go!

  • She has developed an alternative "fresco" material that is lighter, but still gives the impression of a fresco, giving her the ability to create paintings that can be hung on the walls without heavy duty hardware.


Camille is a believer that art is therapy for the mind, body and soul. She strives to create works that will uplift, inspire and motivate the viewer, and now shares her knowledge with others by conducting intuitive art workshops.  She teaches others to utilize creativity as a practice to de-stress and motivate manifestation of what is truly wanted in life.


She has many paintings in private collections across the United States, England and Germany, and has shown work in galleries in  Franklin, TN and Nashville, TN.  She displays her art in local Chicagoland art venues.

“She was like the sun, 
She knew her place in the world - 
She would shine again regardless of all the storms and changeable weather 
She wouldn't adjust her purpose 
for things that pass.” 
― Nikki Rowe

International Painter ~ Creativity Coach ~ Motivational Author
Painter of sunshine both inside and out!  Come...be transported to that sunny place!
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